Accessing WWW page... how?

ST3XD at Jetson.UH.EDU ST3XD at Jetson.UH.EDU
Sun Jul 3 22:46:39 GMT 1994

I've been away from internet for some time and need to 
backtrack on the DYI_EFI discussions.  How can you access
the WWW page?

Also, I remember last time I was current on the EFI project, the
processor was still a big question.  Has the 68332 been considered?
I read in the SAE inovations for 1993 book about a EFI control
box using the 68332.  It said the 68332 was designed SPECIFICALLY
for EFI applications.  I even think it had some built in EFI 
algorithyms.  I'm very busy this summer (taking 10 hours in 3 months!)
but sure wish I could complete a schematic and PCB board for our
truly custom EFI box.

I'm sure some of you have access to auto-routing PCB software, but
if not I can make foil patterns of just about anything.


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