Knock sensor

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Wed Jul 20 21:00:55 GMT 1994

>Don't know what range, but I've been told 5-8 Khz.

I was gonna notch-filter the thing for 5-15 khz.

>I think you will need a low noise op-amp since the signal is low level.
>hang on, I've got that article here somewhere.  The article shows a scope
>hooked to a knock sensor, the display indicates +-5mv straight from the

One of my co-workers just brought a copy of PE to me. It looks like
500mV, is that what you meant?. I'm thinking the real mccoy will be 
somewhat higher than that, but it's a good place to start.

> sounds like a good idea, let us know if it works out....

It's a must apparently in a Syclone, especially when running high boost 
levels. I might try to implement it with a LED bar graph, that way I
can kinda see what's going on dynamically.

I won't get a chance to test the circuit until Labor Day,
unfortunately. Thanks for the repost, the info helped a lot.

sdbartho at

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