Knock sensor

Dave Williams dave.williams at
Fri Jul 22 15:31:38 GMT 1994

-> It seems that all this filtering, amplifying, etc. and making
-> assumptions about what frequency is actually indicative of detonation
-> involves several leaps of faith.

 Cosworth doesn't (or at least didn't up to a couple of years ago) use
knock sensors in their F1 motors.  Keith Duckworth said the engines were
too noisy for the signal to mean anything.

 The popular TAG management system used my many F1 teams can accept
several knock sensors, but if other engines are like the Cosworth V8s
the sensors might be just data acquisition in most cases.

 BTW, TAG claims their newer management systems vary spark energy
according to load and RPM, though I'm not sure what advantage this would
be.  Shades of Dr. Jacobs and his miracle boxes...

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