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ST3XD at Jetson.UH.EDU ST3XD at Jetson.UH.EDU
Thu May 5 22:25:06 GMT 1994

Before we hammer out software and control algorithyms we really
need to figure out what kind of hardware setup we are going to use.
Is it 8048, 8051, 8086, 80186, 6800, 6500, 68000, or what?
It would be a good idea to keep the price down!  Considering a
8048 costs 75 cents and a 68000 will be less than $5, its
hard to justify a specialized microprocessor that costs $700
(even thought it comes with RAM, ROM, etc.)
Just like John said, lets keep this streamlined.  If we all use
different setups, we won't accomplish anything except piss each
other off while lobbying for "our" setup.
And to those out there who hate EPROMs.  Don't worry- just buy an
EPROM emulator.  Or if we really want to be high tech, lets use
flash ROM (RAM).  Then we won't need anything but a parallel
interface to our computer, (DOS computer that is).
We really need a parallel interface anyway while we optimize
the setup by logging data and making modifications.


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