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Fri May 6 14:49:36 GMT 1994

Item Subject: USE THE MINIBOARD !!!!

The miniboard would be okay, but I would recommed the F1 board that was recently
released.  It has a higher amount of memory it can address, just the thing for 
holding mapped data.

Cary McCallister
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Subject: Re: USE THE MINIBOARD !!!!
Author:  Non-HP-Diy-Efi-Owner (Diy_Efi-Owner at at 
Date:    5/6/94 2:02 AM

I'm an EE too and though I missed the intro/charter here is my 
suggestion if you want to minimize cost, maximize free software, 
and maximize time spent programming:  USE THE MINIBOARD !!!!
68HC11 based, artwork/docs available from mit via ftp, boards and 
kits available REAL cheap (check comp.robotics or I can email the 
info to anyone who asks), interactive C available, gcc port 
available, support for macs, pc's, unix, etc.
All that this group would have to decide on is which output pins 
on the '11 drive what injectors/coil drivers and which inputs
go to where and then program !!! 
I can post to the list more info if there is interest ...
YMMV, worth what you paid for it, etc.
Rod Barman, IRIS NCE @ Laboratory for Computational Intelligence, 
University of British Columbia
rodb at

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