FTP site for DIY_EFI

MTN-KAT met at pine.cse.nau.edu
Fri May 6 15:59:43 GMT 1994

I have an ftp site that can handle the miscellaneous bits and pieces that will
need to be shared amongst us.
Source code, shareware, whatever....
mail to me at met at pine.cse.nau.edu
I'll put it in ftp.nau.edu under /public/graphics/gif/racing/DYI_EFI
The path may be deceptive but what the heck.

I'm for the 6811 myself, due to it's availability, simplicity, abundance of
cross assemblers and versatility. Not to mention that I have two EVB boards.

I'm working on a sequential port injection scheme using the peak/hold firing
technique. I want this to fire-off very quickly, so I have devised a digital
logic array to allow me to use only four bits in order to trigger all 16 
transistors. This should contribute to the system being able to run upwards of
8-9000RPM's and still maintain control.
Personally I'm trying to avoid using the timer for calculating cylinder timing,
Not wanting to slow the processor down, I'll use a Hall Effect crank trigger
and interrupt at each cylinder with #1 recorded at start-up and let the digital 
logic board control proper cylinder firing order. 

More to follow as required.

gotta run,

Millam E. Tackitt

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