Topics on EFI

Pierre-Henry Marbot phm at
Fri May 6 17:21:23 GMT 1994

It would be cool to use this list (since a lot of people have their
own idea on which processor to use etc) to build up some kind of
EFI encyclopedia (kinda lika a FAQ): 
topics would include:
* where to find parts.
* how to read sensors/ which sensors to use/ how to adapt them to a non EFI
* equations and control algorithms.
* examples of "running" implementations.
* who has which resources (eg: I have a great sccanner and a comprehensive
  programmer (PROMS and uProcs).
* Lets not forget electronic timing. Maybe water injection.

I am up to my neck in administering other aliases, but I am sure some
of you might volunteer to compile what others know. It would be great.

just my 0.0000002 cents

				carburator-full Peter

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