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John S Gwynne jsg
Fri May 6 20:03:11 GMT 1994


- please be careful *not* to send postings to 'DIY_EFI-owner'. Send postings
to 'DIY_EFI'. Same goes for request to 'Majordomo'

- I will try to enable file retrieval through this mail server over the

- I intend to start a "Input/Output Description Document" that will be
retrievable through this server. I want this to become specific enough that
we can build the hardware from it.

- Don't panic with "we should be doing this or that..." the list is only
three days old and and I don't think anyone of us wants to do anything
irrational. Once the newness wears-off and we get organized, then we will get
serious about making decisions. (IMHO) I (as well as many of you) have spent
months working on our own versions of EFI. I spent the last four month
drawing up schematics for a 68HC000 based controller that I have already
ordered part for. (not to mention the time I spent getting gcc to work as a
cross-compiler on "my" SGI!)  I will be flexible though in terms of changing
controllers as I hope the rest of you will also. This decision on CPU's will
*not* be made until our requirements *as a group* are well defined.

- At some point I believe we'll have to vote on design issues. I would like
to find a volunteer that would organize the necessary software for this. Some
questions I would also liked answered are (and *please* don't just start a
discussion on this now--think about it):
	- How many *will* actually build "something".
	- How much are you willing to spend?
	- How will those who can't build hardware, get hardware to help
          on software?  If you wish to become the "official" pollster, e-mail
me at "DIY_EFI-owner".

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