Crank Position via Hall Effect

MTN-KAT met at
Thu May 12 00:33:05 GMT 1994

I know that this isn't going to please everyone, but it is the way I am looking
to solve my crank position problem. I can cut into my flywheel before it is put
into the car and with four magnets there is not a problem with balancing.

My idea is to use 4 magnets mounted IN the flywheel, with one reversed w/r to
pole direction. Using the hall effect I think that we could detect the reverse
clip. This would indicate tdc for two cylinders and with an inductive pickup on
plug wire #1 we could determine firing order. Placement of the magnets should 
be say 35 degrees advanced, the timer function could be used to determine the
optimum firing w/r valve opening. (for SEFI).
Placement on the flywheel allows for MUCH more accurate timing, the velocity
with which the magnet would pass the pickup will narrow the signal pulse by
around 350% in my particular case, 7" HB vs 24" flywheel.


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