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sdbartho at sdbartho at
Tue May 17 19:02:58 GMT 1994

>Makes sense.  Discussion has fallen off somewhat, I guess because
>the schools are between semesters?  Anyone out there not in school?

I'm one of the new folks, but I'm not in school.
Maybe you can bring some of us "up to speed" on the current topic of 
discussion. Building your own system?

>Those of us who are still here, lets keep the list going.....
I'm up for the challenge. I've been thinking about building an
"interceptor" device for use on a GMC Syclone. Is this the proper
forum for such a discussion?

>how about commercial detectors?  are there sources for 
>them, how much do they cost, and can they be easily interfaced? 

Depending on how low-buck you want to get, knock sensors could be
robbed from junkyard vehicles pretty cheaply. Mounting specifics 
vary between manufacturers.

>simplest seems to be to continually advance the ignition until pre-ignition is 
>detected, then retard it a little.  would this give the most power?  or is 
>more feedback required, like maybe an exhaust monitor?  inquiring minds want 
>to know....

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