The Miniboard Again ...

Jonathan R. Lusky lusky at
Thu May 19 00:07:04 GMT 1994

Rod Barman writes:
> Well yes I know the miniboard ONLY has 2K of EEPROM and 256 bytes of
> RAM, but guess what???   Bosch Motronic 1.0 is implemented in 4K of
> ROM and 128 bytes of RAM and that system contains a bunch of extra
> maps and goop and it uses a pathetic processor.
I know I can't even fit the lookup tables I'd like to have in 2K.

> You see, this is in part why I suggested we do the ignition controller
> first.  This will easily fit in 2K of EEPROM.  Everybody can write
> code and download it from there PC, MAC, Unix box.  Yes, we should
> write stuff in assembler cause some dummies (Hi Jim!!!) don't know
> C and besides, there really isn't much code to write it just is
> very difficult to write it and get it correct.

A good exercise, but it not a good idea to start development with
something that is clearly going to be inadequate.
> Sure we can use a fancy processor, sure we can have a fancy development
> system, sure we can plan a nifty built in alarm system that controls the
> windshield wipers, sure we can spend days getting our WWW home page just 
> right ;-), but I think most people want to get out there and fiddle with
> their cars and write code and not spend a lot of money.
> Anyway, that's how I see (especially since I've got two extra minboards 
> I don't know what to do with :-).

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