6811 for me

Evernden_Wes_A/lcs_system3 at system3.lcs.gov.bc.ca Evernden_Wes_A/lcs_system3 at system3.lcs.gov.bc.ca
Thu May 19 15:16:06 GMT 1994

I think you must mean the MC68HC811A8.

MC68HC11A8: EEPROM=512,RAM=256,COMMENT=Family Built Around this Device
MC68HC811A8:EEPROM=8K+512,RAM=256,COMMENT=EEPROM Emulator for 'A8

I happen to have the HC11 Ref. Man. here at work.

Wes Evernden
From: Diy.Efi-Owner; ST3XD
Subject: 6811 for me
Date: Wednesday, May 18, 1994 3:50PM

<<File Attachment: 6811FORM.TXT>>
After a more carefull examination of the miniboard, and examining Motorola's
M68HC11 Reference Manual. I'm going to go with the 6811.  There is no way any
of us will be able to throw together a complete EFI system.  I like the
idea of "modularity

I'm going to make a board just to monitor everything first.  When that 
is done, I'll go for ignition and then fuel. The MC68HC11A8 has 8k of 
EEPROM which will
be enough to handle monitoring things. When I'm ready to add the next 
module (ignition) I'll use another one, and network them through SPI!


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