Event loops

Todd Day today at di.com
Tue Jun 6 15:09:43 GMT 1995

>So what method(s) do the OEM use?

>Method 2: 90 degree firing: When injector N is firing, compute the firing
>parameters for injector N+1.

This is what the DSM (Eagle Talon and clones) ECUs do.  The computation is
made from several other precomputed variables at the end of each firing
interrupt.  There is a slow loop (non-interrupt driven) that is constantly
updating all the variables that the interrupt routine needs (and does the
relatively slow jobs of table lookup, etc).

The Audi Quattro in the early 80's does this too.  I suspect it might be
a popular way of doing things since it is very straight forward and almost
all CPUs these days have enough HP to do it.


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