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Martin Evans 100341.377 at
Mon Jun 12 22:34:34 GMT 1995

Ric Rainbolt wrote commenting on calculations by Martin Evans:

>>Your calculations are correct but you failed to consider one important
factor... at idle the throttle is closed and the motor is only pumping air
at about 25-30% efficiency (0.3 bar absolute MAP * 90% efficient motor =

Big mistake by me, mentioned the MAP and then failed to take it into was a diesel you were controlling wasn't it <g> the
partial brain failure must have been from the excess of beer celebrating Alesi's
first GP win yesterday!

Just as a comparison my vehicle with a 1.6L turbo with dual fired injectors,
0.65 bar boost continuous and 0.9bar short duration overboost idling at 950rpm
uses injector pulse widths of 1.5 - 2 msec at idle. I haven't looked at their
flow rate but suspect they are considerably in excess of 10kg/hr. 

Are you sure your injectors correctly sized for your application as you now
mention another 8 injectors (or do you have shares in Bosch?)

What drivers are you using for your injectors?

Martin Evans

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