Custom EFI Project

Ric Rainbolt ricrain at
Mon Jun 12 23:40:45 GMT 1995

>Are you sure your injectors correctly sized for your application as you now
>mention another 8 injectors (or do you have shares in Bosch?)
>What drivers are you using for your injectors?

If I go with a 35 lb injector, the idle will suffer terribly.  19 lb is
perfect for this application with normal aspiration.  This is why I chose 19
to start with, but now I want to run 1 bar boost, and don't want to kill the
good idle characteristics.  No stock in Bosch, but I am able to get the
injectors for $25/ea, not too bad.

The injector drivers are (will be) Power MOSFETs, they don't even need heat
sinks, but I am putting one in!

Ric Rainbolt

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