Wide range EGO sensor/meter

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Tue Jun 13 03:21:18 GMT 1995


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| Does anyone know the approx. cost of those Horiba (sp?) lambda meters that
| use the UEGO type sensors ...

I called Horiba almost two years ago. The MEXA110 analyzer was
$8800. The most inexpensive item was $2500, but at the time that
was not a standard off the self item so I wasn't able to get any more
information. John De Armond  spoke once of a Motes unit (made in Australia
imported by JGM Automotive Tooling, 5692 Buckingham Drive, Huntington Beach
CA 92649, (714) 895 7001. This was much cheaper but I can't seem to
find the price... Also try Epcom Corp., PO Box 47032, Oak Park Michigan
48237, (313) 257 0627. A model 10630 air/fuel analyzer for about $1000.

Please post what pricing information you find...

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