Custom EFI project

Peter Wales pjwales at
Sat Jun 17 00:45:40 GMT 1995

I gave up trying to follow all of the maths involved in the injector sizing,
but, when tuning the 4 Cylinder Cosworth motors in England, we got 350 HP
from 350cc/min injectors which I beleive are 35 Lb/Hr. There are only 4 of
them.  If you use 16 off 19 lb / hour injectors you are going to have a lot
of fuel flowing into the engine. Are you sure you need them?

The other thing was you said the fuel pressure would be controlled
electronically by the EFI unit to change from 3 to 6 bar. Why? and How?
Peter Wales
Superchips Inc                          "Timing is everything"

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