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	From: "Ucu M Subrata" <UCU at>
	I did data acquisition (by PC) to obtain the optimum SA Map with the 
	following procedure:
	3. Running the engine at various RPM and Load. At each pair of
	RPM and Load I use PC to set the Spark Advance, step by step to
	a more advance SA value, and when the knock is detected(by
	accelerometer and the circuit) the PC program stop advancing and
	record the SA advance before the knock occur as the optimal
	SA(the optimal SA is right before knock occur).

i've heard that optimum SA is actually a few degrees short of knock.
is this true or false?

if you have cruise control, could you use a straight and level [or
constant grade] road as a 'rolling dyno'?  hold a constant speed and
watch the injector-pulse/throttle-pos as you walk the spark timing
back and forth.


is anyone working on lpg injection?  just curious...
Andrew Hay
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