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I second Peter's comments.  10.5:1 is way to high to do anything with a turbo
on such an ancient head design (unless you wanted to run on methane :-)
Locally, it's much cheaper to go and guy a second hand factory turbo engine
($650-$1500 Aus for an imported used Japanese engine) than it is to buy a
new turbo and wastegate ($1400 + $600).  Unless the factory engine won't fit,
it's going to be much less work to fit it than retrofit a turbo.

Peter writes,

> If I were you I would take a serious look at the Metro Turbo and see what it
> has that your car doesn't.
> I think that putting a turbo on an engine with a compression ratio of 10.5:1
> and a management system with no knock sensor is asking for meltdown. The
> only way to get it to work would be to run such a low boost pressure that
> the effort would not be worth it. 
> If you were to use a Metro head and turbo, most of the the work would be
> done, or better still, off to the breakers and get a complete engine and fit
> that.
> Peter Wales

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