EFI with 68HC11

Georg Siotis Georg.Siotis at analykem.lu.se
Tue May 2 08:25:44 GMT 1995

Hello out there!

I am dealing with a EFI project on hobby time. It is about changing the 
blown L-jetronic injection on a friends Alfa Romeo 75 V6 3.0 to a custom 
made EFI. I've built a board with a 68HC11 controller that can control the 6 
Injectors. The board reads the voltage from the manifold airflow meter and 
converts it to a duty-cycle controlled signal that is fed to the injectors. 
The engine starts but runs on fat mixture. That's all for the moment. The 
question is, does anyone have algorithms on engine control, maybe in Ansi C 
(I have used an assembler but just bought an IAR HC11 C-compiler), either 
general ones or especially for the HC11. I would be very glad and thankfull 
if anyone could help me...

Thanks in advance

Georg Siotis
Analytical Chemistry / Lund University
Box 124
Email:   Georg.Siotis at analykem.lu.se

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