air-fuel ratio to temp

David Cooley cooldave at
Fri May 5 21:46:06 GMT 1995

>Hi there,
>        I was wondering if anyone out there would know where I could find
>information on exhaust temperature vs. air-fuel ratios.  I'm attempting to

Not a clue... Jon Lusky seems to have quite a bit of expertise in this area

>implement an EFI on a small block Chevy and would like to use exhaust
>temperature as the feedback control element.  I've heard that exhaust temp.
>feedback is more responsive and accurate than oxygen sensors.  Thanks!

You would probably be better off with the O2 sensor.. Unless you are
monitoring at each cylinder, you will get an average temp... One could be
running at 1800 deg, while 7 could be at 1000 degrees... The one will melt
something, while the others are too rich.  The O2sensor would catch this a
little sooner IMHO
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