Throttle Plate Control

Tue May 9 13:12:03 GMT 1995

A little off the subject but still related ...

The Ford/Navistar Turbo Diesel uses electronically actuated unit (individual
cylinder) injectors.  Because diesels don't use a throttle, this makes these
vehicles true "drive-by-wire".

There is only one computer in the system.  The accelerator pedal assembly has a
potentiometer for "pedal position" and closed throttle and WOT switches.  Speed
(cruise) control is handled by the same processor.  For vehicle that require a
auxiliary/hand throttle (ie. wreckers w/PTO and vehicles that require high idle
for high electric power output) there is a separate controller (microprocessor
based) that tells the EEC to go to high idle.

Jack Patteeuw

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