Motronic: Do they use 8048 / 8051

Jim Conforti jec at
Tue May 9 16:38:24 GMT 1995

On Tue, 9 May 1995, Georg Siotis wrote:

> A wrong subject slipped inside. Sorry about that. I 've heard that early 
> Motronics use the 8048 and the later (after 90) use the 8051. It would of 
> course be very nice if someone can confirm this.

  The earliest units used the Cosmac 1802 

  Then came the 8051, 8052, and 80515 ....

  Next, they switched to 16bit uP's with variants of 
  the Intel 80x96

  Usually in combo with an SMD (44pin) 8051 for spark & knock control

  The latest OBD-II compliant M5.2 uses the 87C196KN


  PS: You can obtain a shareware package called DIS8051 from many sources
      on the net .... 

  PPS: If anyone has any 80x96 tools to share let me know!

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