Data Logging Accelerometers

Lfaustini at Lfaustini at
Wed May 10 16:06:37 GMT 1995

   I just read in Electronic Design that Analog Devices has come out with
some cheap and accurate single chip accelerometers. They cost around $10.00
in very high quantities. So you can expect to pay twice that. They claim to
have very good sensitivity, like .005g to 5g with DC preformance in part
#ADXL05   They also have a freight-train-slamming-into-you- type detector
that can measure from 5g to 50g. They listed the following phone  numbers for


   for fax info: 1-800-446-6212,   faxcode numbers 1846 (low-g device) and
1606 (freight-train device)

    hope this info helps.


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