Northstar coolant loss

Thu May 18 14:07:08 GMT 1995

>David Cooley writes:
>>>Can you imagine the processing power needed if every safeguard they could
>>>design into the vehicle management system was implemented? (this would
>>>include monitoring tire pressure, suspension, steering etc...) there
>>>wouldn't be any trunk space left!
>>You just described OBD-III  !!  Oh, you forgot the transmitter that CARB
>>wants/suggested that call them and tell when your vehicle is not in compliance
>>with government standards.  (No, that was B*LLSH*T, it was suggested !)
>I think if we put a small pin thru the antenna coax, then force a trouble
>code so it transmits... Blow the final and down the road you go!

Sorry, "Big Brother" is watching closer than that !  You won't be able to get
new tabs until your transmitter (with your VIN of course) log an "all clear"
for the state.

Your Legislators at work !


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