Propane and ecms: Halp

Peter Fenske pfenske at
Sun Aug 8 17:38:17 GMT 1999

Howday All

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with or has any documentation
on a GM Integrated Processor Fuel Management system made
by Autotronics Control Corp Part # 5920.

It is giving me a problem in a commercial Van application.
The unit appears to control a propane mixer using closed
?? loop operation..Quite a integrated mixer.  Mind you the solenoid
doing the controlling looks cheaper than the stock egr sol.

It plugs in a 350 tbi using a 8747 C3 ecm. Definitely found out
you cannot use the 8747 cal in a 7747. Boy does SES lite

Now the problem. The Autotronics unit plugs into the TPS and Map
sensor. The original ecm connectors plug into the autronics unit
I would presume the signals are processed and then sent to
the ecm..

Big SES lite is on. Scan shows the TPS and Map signal are NOT
going to the ecm. No timing, TCC ect..

So I was gonna use an extra map and plug the stock ecm into
that. Not sure bout TPS.. Wonder if the signal output can be
run in parallel.. At least the ecm would be happy.

Thank you for any help anyone can give


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