FS: TEC II for six cyl

Jason_Leone at amat.com Jason_Leone at amat.com
Fri Aug 13 19:33:39 GMT 1999


I'm selling my Electromotive TEC II for a six cylinder, so it's a free for all.
I only used it for a couple months, and I'll sell it WITH the software. Retail
price is $2000 with software, but I'll sell it for $1400 or so. Comes with all
the hardware (2 Bar MAP sensor, RS-232 cable, crank wheel, mag pickup, manual,
ECU, coils, PAF Blend software). I'm selling it because my power output goals
have changed (400hp--->300hp), but will miss the TEC II's power and tuning
parameters. This is a steal, and it won't last long...

Sorry for the WOB, but I'm not aware of a DIY_EFI classified section...

srgnt03 at earthlink.net

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