DIY_EFI Digest V4 #487

Greg Hermann bearbvd at
Wed Aug 25 13:07:12 GMT 1999

>In a previous post someone mentioned that the stock O2 sensors have a
>very narrow band for mixture tuning and that to get an O2 sensor that
>had a broader window would be very expensive.
>Ok.  Where do I go to buy such an O2 sensor?  What's the part number?
>Is it possible to get a datasheet on the device?
You need a controller as well as the sensor. Try doing a word search on
<EGOR> in the archives for a starter. A regular O2 sensor should not be
regarded as anything more than a switch that tells you rich or lean!

A sensor for a '93 to '95 Honda VTEC will be the right sensor for a lot
less money than anywhere else, (about $110, Jobber) but that does not solve
the controller problem.


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