valve spring removal?? keeper/retainer welded together??!?!

Ross Corrigan zxv at
Fri Aug 27 13:12:59 GMT 1999

 Ross Corrigan wrote.
>>and hit on the top of the valve compressor tool itself, pushing the valve
>>down in shots dice whatsoever, I even oiled it just in case

Gary replied:
>Ross, what kind of a spring compressor tool are you using?  If you are 
>using the kind that slides under the spring coil and has a screw on top 
>that pushes on the retainer as it pulls on the spring coil I'd try getting 
>the lever style.

yes I"m using the above screw type, it has unparallel length jaws that grab
the spring nicely and seat quite well on top (KD Tools), recc'd by one
local specialty builder but it's not working right now I guess

  It slides over the rocker stud and then you put the nut 
>on to hold it.  Then you swing it over to the top of the retainer and you 
>pull on it to push the retainer down.  When you have a tough one you can 
>put the piston at TDC.  When the valve starts to push down it will touch 
>the piston then you can pull harder and the retainer will break it loose 
>from the keepers.  Are you using air to hold the valves up?

Yes, I"m using air to hold the valves up.  I can turn down my air comp.
regulator to 50psi or so, so I can push the valve (unseat it) it and put
the piston at TDC so I can possibly 'carefully' use the piston as a brace
on the bottom?  As long as I have the piston near TDC, then if the valve
drops when it separates (given the the valve is unseated the air might not
just seal it right back up) I can just pick the valve back up after (ie. it
can't drop below the guide I'd hope)?  Sound feasible? 

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