Throttle plates for individual throttle injection

Rich Mauruschat rsrich at
Sun Aug 29 09:24:32 GMT 1999

>How about this question... Does anybody know of a source of throttle plate
>assemblies for an individual throttle injection type system?

If you've got access to machining facilities, how about getting a pair of
old Weber DCOE or Dellorto DHLA carbs, machine off all the unnecessary stuff
to just leave the front 2 inces or so:- mounting flanges, throttle plate
assemblies, air bypass channels (if fitted) etc.
The advantages are: cheap! and will fit any engine which has a DCOE/DHLA
sidedraught manifold available, either as OE or aftermarket, that covers
virtually all 4-cyl. examples! The injector mounting is a bit more tricky -
the easiest route normally is to weld machined injector bosses into the
manifold runners and fabricate/adapt a fuel rail structure. The throttle
position sensor pot needs to be mounted off the end of one of the throttle
spindles - again fairly simple stuff.
I have gone through this process for a Ford 2L SOHC Pinto, got the manifold
with injector bosses, cut down the carbs etc. - sadly never got the EFI
If anyone is interested, I could try and do some pics. I have drawings of
the throttle pot mounting parts to fit Webers.

Rich M
rsrich at

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