Roderick Warner Roderick_Warner at
Tue Jan 4 09:40:57 GMT 2000

Is there anyone who has or knows where to get hold of a schmatic ( and ideally
some notes ) for the Lucas ECU as used on the Rover V8 engine. The ECU in
question is part # 83986A for the flap type air flow meter. Similarly if there
is experience of failure modes I would be very interested as I am in the process
of fitting injection to a previously carb'd engine and am suffering very rich
running , its ok when bliping the throttle. When I move the air flap( by hand)
it appears to have no effect on the running , though the voltages do change over
the specified range- hence I suspect the ECU. I need to get a scope onto the
pulses to see their duration and changes ( if any). Any thoughts please ?

               Rod Warner

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