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Sun Jan 9 00:05:07 GMT 2000

OK, help me through this hypothetically (I'll save it!)

TWM + GM compatible injectors
Assume a proper fuel delvery system (tackle that later)
GM ecu + donor engine harness to hack up

Is there a crank triggered 4-cyl non turbo ecu from GM that would do the

1) control the fuel pump on/off
2) I guess we use a GM temp sensor (no prob) for warm up.
3) trigger off the crank (I can probably fabricate that part,
depending on how GM triggers)

4) fire a coil or MSD through the original dist/cap/rotor
(I could do crank fire 1/coil per cyl, but am trying to keep 
the extra's down and don't want to try to force a GM dist into
this engine) 

5) I assume a TPS is used, yes?

6) Is a MAP? 

7) Could I (would I want to) use a MAF with the TWM's/GM 

8) What donor vehicle are you thinking?

9) I don't have emissions as an issue, do we want to or need
to run an O2 sensor for the ECU to function or would it just run open
loop if not connected?

Sorry for all the questions I warned you about newbieness.....
just getting started.

Thanks a ton,

>Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 12:05:19 -0500
>From: "Bruce Plecan" <nacelp at>
>Subject: Re: TWM and SDS
>Personally, I favor the GM ecms.......

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