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> 	Knock Sensor on Dyno
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> I am currently building a eddy current dynamometer for testing small engines
> up to 70 ft lbs of torque. I am working on the instrumentation now and I was
> reading the archive and started thinking about knock sensing.

> like to use a sensor out of the junkyard to keep costs down so any ideas of
> which one would suit me the best (partial to GM parts)?

The one problem that comes to mind if you were using the GM knock sensors
is the sonic qualities of knocking in your small engine. From what I've
read, the knock sensor is tuned to specifically hear+amplify the
characteristic knock sound for that bore diameter, and block. GM has had
several different knock sensors, and even had a different one for the LT1
and LT4, even though they have the same dimensions (LT4 was supposedly a
little noisier). If you have the same bore, then I guess the knock would
sound similar.

> Can I put the sensor
> in some type of holder then bolt it to the block for testing?

I think as long as the sensor is in contact with the cooling jacket water,
you should be OK. HTH!

Z28tt-89 IROC T56 DFi Twin Turbo

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