Knock sensor chip from Harris

Bruce Plecan nacelp at
Fri Jan 14 01:32:56 GMT 2000

I tried tracking it down one time, and they had discontinued it, and the
there was supposedly one available from France, and never got anywhere with
it.  If anyone has a lead on this I'd like to hear about it.   Course I
never have any luck with ICs.

| </unlurk> (as seen somewhere else)
| Harris makes (or used to make) a chip called
| an Engine Knock Signal Processor. The part
| number is HIP9010 and you can easily get
| a hold of the data sheets with their
| Automatic FaxBack system at 407-724-7800.
| It uses two piezo sensors and switches
| one for sensing knock and the other to
| cancel background noise. The chip will
| subtract the background noise and filter
| based on the parameters sent to the chip.
| Hookup is via an SPI bus and you can program
| reference filter frequency, knock filter
| frequency and a bunch of other things.
| I haven't used it but from the data sheet,
| it looked like pretty comprehensive. Good
| reading.
| Regards to all,                 B.Robert

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