Peak and hold vs. Saturated injectors

Anthony Buccellato clayb at
Thu Jan 27 22:32:23 GMT 2000

It's finally time to buy the injectors. Horsepower, boost, and RPM
requirements (plus a bit of overhead) dictate 105 lbs/hr units. I believe
these will be low impedance units. Does this correlate to peak and hold,
or saturated style injectors?

I'm using an electromotive driver, so low impedance isn't a problem. What
I'm primarily concerned with is idle quality with the large injectors.
I've heard that saturated style have a longer minimum pulse width,
relative to peak and hold style. Anyone have info on this?

Also, what is the best angle to weld the injector bosses into the manifold
at? Within the mechanical limitations of a Chevy big block, should I be
aiming as close to the back of the valve as possible?

Are there any injector mfg's that do a better job than others at
atomisation? I've located 160 lb/hr units, but would prefer to get closer
to my actual requirements, so as not to compromise idle too badly.

- Clay

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