Electro-magnetic valves

Rex Weatherford rex.weatherford at terraglyph.com
Fri Jan 28 15:20:28 GMT 2000

Bruce Plecan wrote:
> Numerous attempts have been made at this.
> Some using two springs, and two coils, with valve parked 1/2 open.  Some
> tried moving the rocker arm pivots, etc etc.
> Might try hunting around the patent office to see what's been done already
> Grumpy

How does the new Toyota VVTTi or whatever it's called work.  I had heard
that it used variable lift and duration...

That could have been bad information though.  I did drive a new Celica
GT-S with it and I was only 1/2 impressed.  The felt like a really wimpy
4 cyl until at least 5500 RPM.  Then it opened up and had good power up
to 8000 RPM.  It has a nice soft rev limiter at about 82-8300 RPM.

You need the 6 speed to keep the thing in the power band.. ;^)

I don't think it was any faster than my old Quad4.

Rex Weatherford
92 Beretta GTZ
15.531 @ 91.28 mph (stock)
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