Non-Cam Valves

Frederic Breitwieser frederic at
Sat Jan 29 11:59:37 GMT 2000

Hey Carl,

> Has anybody ever had an idea to manufacture a cam less machine. Well I've
> got that dream, maybe somebody has tried it already.

Its been tried, somewhat unsuccessfully.  The problem is as with all
magnetics devices, is speed.  Injectors don't do so well at 10K RPM, so
a coil that moves a valve at the same engine speed would choke, unless
the coils are huge.

The problem is the mass of the valve - takes tremendous force to make it
move and change direction abruptly.  Pneumatics on the other hand, can
be used, but its very complex to setup.  I believe, maybe incorrectly,
several F1 cars tried this over the years.

Bruce's suggestion of combing the patent database is probably your best

If one were to eliminate the steel valves, and use ceramics or
composites to make the valve, and have a metal insert in the top of the
shaft, the much lower mass would be easier to move for the valving
events.  Not sure if it would be light enough still, but its a start. 
Feel free to patent the idea :)


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