Electro-magnetic valves

Ade + Lamb Chop alaw at mrc.soton.ac.uk
Sat Jan 29 19:19:57 GMT 2000

At 16:51 28/01/00 +0200, Carlo Putter wrote:
>Has anybody ever had an idea to manufacture a cam less machine. Well I've
>got that dream, maybe somebody has tried it already.
>Here is my idea:
>Used normal valves with light springs. The valves can be closed and opened
>by electro-magnetic coils on it. This would then give the option to the
>engine tuner to design a infinitely variable camshaft! But this would only
>be day-dreaming until any-body tries it. I haven't got any metal work tools,
>but have some power-electronics experience.
>The internal combustion engine, as we know it was develop about a century
>ago, so why can't it be changed?
>Any ideas, maybe I am way off track.

It is a great Idea... It could be fun... std cam at idle then open it up to
give you a 10K revs limit :-)

Problem is that valves are reletivly heavy and the times involved VERY
small... Have done some maths yet?


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