DIY_EFI Digest V5 #45

Jim Davies jimd at
Mon Jan 31 14:30:57 GMT 2000

On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, DIY_EFI Digest wrote:

> Subject: Re: Non-Cam Valves
> At 06:58 29/01/00 -0500, Frederic Breitwieser wrote:
> >Hey Carl,
> >
> >> Has anybody ever had an idea to manufacture a cam less machine. Well I've
> >> got that dream, maybe somebody has tried it already.
> >
For anyone interested in this subject, USPTO website or the IBM patent
server is the place to look. Type in a few key words then sit back, and
read about it. Forever. Too bad they only go back to the mid 1970s. For
the rest, you have to go to a library. 

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