[Diy_efi] EPROM damage?

Ludis Langens ludis at cruzers.com
Sun Apr 11 08:53:01 GMT 2004

David Daniel wrote:
> What really has me baffled is the fact that, with the
> factory ECM and the replacement ECM, the SES light stays on the entire time
> the engine is running, but only flashes a code 12 when I jump the ALDL
> connector, and I get no response from the TPS.

A bad EPROM should show up as a code 51.

It is odd that SES stays on but you can't pull any real error codes. 
Hmmm, I wonder if the ECM is somehow stuck in limp-home mode.  The
surging idle and no TPS response also suggest that.  You don't perhaps
have a 3.9K resistor across ALDL pins A and B?

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