[Diy_efi] Lancia EFI

Germain, Chris Chris.Germain at airbus.com
Thu Apr 15 08:30:02 GMT 2004

Hi, this is my first go at an EFI tech query...

I have a 1976 series 3 Lancia Fulvia, its a 1.3 litre narrow angle V4
engine, with twin solex side draft carbs, and a mechanical distributor. I
fancy having a go at converting the carb setup to EFI. Where do I start, I
guess I will need a spare inlet manifold and some old carbs which I can
modify into a throttle body arrangement, and of course injectors and control
box. Or can you recommend a donor set up that I can lift out of a scrap
engine and install easily? What about controlling the ignition timing?
Basically, is there a kit around which allows a relative beginner to mess
around with this sort of thing, and would I see any kind of benefit in terms
of fuel economy/reliability/power for my troubles? - Many Thanks in

Chris Germain

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