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Fri Apr 16 02:44:09 GMT 2004

> Continuing on the trek to EFI an Olds engine...In my quest to find a TBI throttle body that's less than $30, I was offered a 5.0 Ford throttle body for free. Does anyone know anything about these? Would the TPS/IAC be similar enough to communicate with the GM ECM? And do they flow similar numbers to the 4.3-5.7 GM throttle body? And why on earth can't I find a cheap GM TB???????????

The ford throttle body TPS should be the same as the GM, at least close 
enough it will work.  The TPS on my 89 460 feeds the GM ECM just dandy 
(730 and 749).

The IAC is a little different.  GM uses a true stepper motor, with four 
leads, as two windings.

The Ford in contrast, is more like a solenoid.  Pulse it faster and it 
opens more, pulse it slower, and it closes more.  Remove power completely 
and it springs closed.  The GM unit, when you remove power, stays in 
whatever position it is in.

Funny that you asked about it, I just tested all this today, as I'm trying 
to graft a 749 to a Ford 460.  I concluded that I'd have to make a 1/4" 
thick steel plate and use a GM IAC with two angled holes, and bolt that to 
the Ford intake across its too holes.  Ford gasket on the bottom, GM 
gasket on the top.

Also, some GM cars have remote IAC with hoses, if that helps you.  I have 
one, but I can't recall what its from quite honestly, been in a box for 
about six months.

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