[Diy_efi] Hi and JECS injector question

Lorcan Parnell lorcan at 750turbo.com
Tue Apr 27 19:53:08 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Some familiar names on here :) By way of an introduction I'll just briefly
say that I built my own alcohol EFI fuel system for my dragbike in 1997
based around a DTA ECU and Bosch 403s and currently run www.750turbo.com
which is a site for old 750 turbo Kawasaki motorcycles. Down to business....

I am attempting to fit a Dynojet Powercommander to my 20 year old streetbike
Kawasaki so that I can map it's injection system (for fuel only) to suit
some modifications. Unfortunately, the PC is designed for modern motorcycles
which run high impedance injectors, but the old Kwak has low impedance JECS
injectors as standard and, to make things worse, these have a hose top mount
not an o-ring like modern ones.

I have two questions.

1) Does anyone know of 30lb (approx) high impedance injectors with a hose
top mount that I can use as replacements?

and if not

2) How about getting the PC to work with the stock low impedance ones?

I'm told the PC will work with the stock ECU and have sorted out the wiring.



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