[Diy_efi] some fi questions....im a newbie so forgive me

Robert W Hughes rwhughe at oplink.net
Sat Jun 5 17:27:58 GMT 2004

> Some 76 Cadillacs had port EFI.
> My opinion, EFI with only TPS and temp is not streetable.  I tried 
> it once.  And the OX sensor kit didn't help.  Bruce Roe
> 4 Jun 2004  "mike sutton" <mikanlin62 at elltel.net> writes:
>>> since the tbi has been around for more than a decade...nearly 
>>> two
>>> decades now?  and the port fuel has been here for a decade

The rest of this sounds like a commercial for Megasquirt

>>> I have acquired a holley projection thru some horse trading and 
>>> is this thing worth messing with?
>>> Its an older one, tps and temp only.....can this be worked with or 
>>> is it a boat anchor as far as doing any mods or such with.  I know
>>> they offer a kit
>>> to add an O2 sensor, but this thing still seems kinda archaic.  

To add another opinion from a former owner/user this Holley thing is a 
POS. One of its biggest problems was lack of dynamic range, if you got 
cruise set right, power was too rich, etc. And the fuel pump drive was 
duty cycle controlled to add another dimension to the problems. However 
Megasquirt could probably work with the throttle body.
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