[Diy_efi] MegaSquirt System

Robert Calhoun peerless at linuxmail.org
Sun Jun 6 01:42:33 GMT 2004

Has anyone here used the Mega Squirt System? ( www.megasquirt.info )

I have an 85 325e that I am interested in Modding. I currently have a 2.7L F/I system using Motronic DME that
controls both spark and fuel injection. Very basic and primitive. I am interested in building my own system to keep costs under control.

I have a couple of alternative engine choices as well. I can get a 325i engine which is higher HP less torque. I also 
have the opportunity to score an M50 2.5 that has been bored, higher compression and cams. Only problem it had an issue and was pulled out of a car 4 years ago and no one remembers what happened.

The M50 engine would require controls for the VANOS system which basically modifies cam timing through electromechanics. It is static though simply advancing the intake and exhuast cams at 2000RPM.

I am looking for a DIY solution to running these engines.

PS I am new to the group so Hello and Thank You in advance for your assistance.


Robert Calhoun

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