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Pete Paraska pparaska at comcast.net
Sun Jun 6 16:33:53 GMT 2004

Robert W. Hughes (Bob) wrote:
>>>> I have acquired a holley projection thru some horse trading and 
>>>> is this thing worth messing with?
>>>> Its an older one, tps and temp only.....can this be worked with or 
>>>> is it a boat anchor as far as doing any mods or such with.  I know
>>>> they offer a kit
>>>> to add an O2 sensor, but this thing still seems kinda archaic.  
>To add another opinion from a former owner/user this Holley thing is a 
>POS. One of its biggest problems was lack of dynamic range, if you got 
>cruise set right, power was too rich, etc. And the fuel pump drive was 
>duty cycle controlled to add another dimension to the problems. However 
>Megasquirt could probably work with the throttle body.
>Robert W. Hughes (Bob)

I hate to say "Me too", but I will.  I'm currently running a 700cfm 4bbl Pro-jection
4D and it is not working well.  I finally have it set so that it cruises and works well under mid
and high rpm WOT, but is stumbles under accel from low rpm and won't idle
with that setting.  I have to keep the calibration box hooked up and on the console.
If I want to idle, I have to set it to a much leaner MAIN JET setting.

Part of the problem is that the cam is a bit lopey and I have 13 inHg of vacuum
at idle, below what's recommended for the system.

The TBI, sensors and harness were worth the $200 used I paid for it.
As soon as I obtain some round tuits I'll finish my break out box to 
connect it to the MS I finally have debugged (reverse polarity to the
megastim caused ALOT of problems ! ;) ).

If you plan on using the 4BBL Pro-Jection unit, buy the Flyback/Damping board
and parts - the 4 low impedance injectors will then be able to be run in PWM

Go to the http://www.msefi.com site and look around.  There are at least 
2 success stories on using the Pro-Jection stuff with MegaSquirt.

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