[Diy_efi] Seqential or Batch??

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Sun Jun 6 23:57:59 GMT 2004

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From: "life speed" <life_speed at yahoo.com>

> Large, low-Z injectors are appropriate.  This makes a
> proper injector drive circuit a must.  Correctly
> driven, even large injectors can be metered accurately
> at idle.  I use 96 lbs/hr injectors with a 241 degree
> @ .050 cam, and the engine idles clean and smooth at
> 700 RPM.
> Lifespeed

Begging your pardon here, but in what engine are you running that cam? For something along the lines
of a 400ci +   V8, that's a relatively mild cam. For a 2.0L 4-cyl, that same spec would be barely

Just curious, not busting your chops.

-Scott C.

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