[Diy_efi] Re: diy_efi Digest, Vol 9, Issue 6

life speed life_speed at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 06:22:57 GMT 2004

I should have mentioned, it's a 454 Chevy.  Still, not
a small cam.  It is turbocharged, so high RPMs are not
needed.  I don't need to run it much past 6000 RPM in
my boat, but it would do 6800 RPM no problem.


> at idle.  I use 96 lbs/hr injectors with a 241
> @ .050 cam, and the engine idles clean and smooth at
> 700 RPM.
> Lifespeed

Begging your pardon here, but in what engine are you
running that cam? 
For something along the lines
of a 400ci +   V8, that's a relatively mild cam. For a
2.0L 4-cyl, that 
same spec would be barely
-Scott C.

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