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Yes, I have an EPROM programmer... but all the software can do is calculate 
the additive checksum of the bin file. Now, a question - is it enough to 
have additive checksum corrected to stock, to have bin file 'approved' and 
running? I;ve read somewhere that Motronic makes XOR checksum as well.. is 
that true?

ECUs I am talking about have 27256 EPROMs... since they are considerably 
larger than 2732 chips used in older Motronic boxes, can I consider I am 
having post '88 units?

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>Do you have a EPROM programmer? The software that comes with it will do the
>checksum correctly.
>You have another problem. Half the code is stored in the 8051. You have to
>download that before you can try a disassembler.
>In about 88, BOSCH started putting the whole code into the EPROMs and wiring
>the 8051 to ignore its internal memory. This will save you from trying to
>download an 8051's ROM.
>FR Wilk

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