[Diy_efi] DIY-WB users - compare to high end

bcroe at juno.com bcroe at juno.com
Thu Jun 17 04:51:23 GMT 2004

16 Jun 2004  "Milosz Kardasinski" <mxk0840 at rit.edu> writes:
> There have been comparisons made between the Dweebometer and 
> commercial units and the general concensus is that the dweeb is 
> lacking in transient conditions. It's steady state readings are 
> close but not dead nuts, I think it's Bruce Roe who says "Don't 
> expect it to be lab grade".

I'm thinking Bruce Plecan said that.  HOWEVER, you may recall 
I did some work on the heater and sensing circuits of the DIY-WB.  
The modifications I published here will clean up at least 90% of 
the performance objections.  Without a multi gas calibration 
process, it will never be accurate to as many decimal places 
as one that spent the money.  But it is easily up to the job it 
was intended to do; combined with the LED display, it's hard to 
beat for transient situations.

Bruce Roe 
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